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Gavin Long

copyright 2016 by Theodore Zuckerman
2016 July 18

In Baton Rouge Louisiana three police officers are killed by bullets and several others are injured and Gavin Long, who is shot by police, is alleged to be the assailant.

Is Gavin Long, Cosmo Setepenra as he is otherwise known, a vegetarian? His web site, convoswithcosmo.com is still up (as is another of his web sites) and it is clear that he was an extremely intelligent young man and he specifically states that he values knowledge and works to acquire it. In the marines, he was trained as and worked as a network administrator.

Using hindsight, the Los Angeles Times is finding clues, in his web sites and social media posts, to future acts of violence. However viewed neutrally, without first hearing about his acts of violence, Mr Setepenra's writings would appear to offer more clues that he is a man who prefers to avoid violence, rather than clues that he is a man who wishes to cause violence. His espousing of a vegetarian diet is one clue.

Not only is this renaissance man an excellent writer, and excellent speaker, but there is a wonderful warmth and humor to his writings and his recorded spoken messages. He is an original thinker with extraordinary creativity and the writes not only articulately, but with wisdom about being a successful entrepreneur in various fields - business fields and social. He speaks of something he calls being an "alphapreneur" - combining the characteristics of an entrepreneur with those of an "alpha male."

He talks about standing up for oneself - avoiding being bullied - standing up for what one knows is right - and says that to do so successfully does not mean one should be belligerent. Here is the link to the "podcast" where, at 21:25, he says "it ain't no belligerant shit, but it's about standing when you're right."

In speaking about having good sexual experiences, he stresses that having a good diet can help. While he recommends oysters, he also recommends staying away from red meat, and then he goes on to mention fruits and vegetables that one should eat.

There are many articles, and lots of wisdom. All in all an excellent web site.

But the question "is he a vegetarian" is better answered in this youtube video where he responds to the oft-asked question that comes from flesh-eaters who are contemplating going vegetarian or vegan - "but what am I going to eat?" - and provides a long list of plant-based food.

I hope his web site can be downloaded and preserved by people who have the software to do this. It deserves to be preserved, even though Mr Long is gone.

He speaks of valuing emotions, but of knowing when to put emotions aside and use reason.

Why did this brilliant, beautiful 29-year old man decide to fire a rifle at police officers? He couldn't have possibly reasoned that this would be of any benefit to anyone. He just has too much knowledge, and too much wisdom; he shows no tendency to let emotions overrule common sense. Everything in his writing and speaking indicates that he is a strategist who thinks of all the possible consequences that his actions might produce, before taking action, and that he is not someone who follows his emotions without thinking. His communications also indicate that he is fully aware of the concepts of karma and ahimsa and that he knows that if there is any way at all to avoid violence, it is best to avoid it. Something doesn't add up here. There is a big chunk of information missing somewhere.