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Cats are what?   Are cats pets or food or both?

Chicken Coition   How do chickens make babies without a vagina or a penis?

Fish Farms   vegetables as a byproduct of fish farming

Hernia, Have one?  What to do if you do.

How many animals - are killed for food, how many are killed for other reasons?

Involuntary Psychiatric Treaments  Ill treatment at the hands of licensed physicians.

Gavin Long   What kind of man is Gavin Long, Cosmo Setepenra, the alleged murderer of Baton Rouge? Is he a vegetarian?

Opium and Omeprazole   by R. N. Nymous. Using opioids to manage pain and depression. Benefits and risks.

Pre-Columbian North and Central Americans  What did they eat before Europeans arrived?

The Real Opioid Crisis  People who can benefit from opioids are not able to get them.

Right to Die North Carolina  Legislators are calling things the opposite of what they are?

Yoga   Linking together the senses with the object sensed, your small self with your larger self.