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Want your book reviewed?

Does your book relate to any of the topics covered by eoMeo?

Then contact us at: soilman@shakahara.com

If you are direct-marketing your book via the web,
and if we review your book, we can provide a link to your web-page where you are marketing your book (or books).

How many people read our review?
we can track how many hits our review page gets -- hopefully most of those people will actually read the review.

How many people are hyperlinked from our review page to your sales page?
we can track how many clicks there are, on our link to your sales page -- this should give us a pretty good idea of how many people are intrigued enough by our review, that they decide to go to your web page, on your web site, where you are marketing your book. We can note what their ISP numbers are, along with identifying information about their computers. If we have collected information about them via a form, we can relay that information to you too.

But that is not all.....

We can set up software, on your site, that collects information about visits to your site
for an amazingly reasonable fee -- we can set up your web site to provide you with information about who is visiting any page on your web site, and where they are coming from -- what other web site, or what other page in your web site -- and more. Why do this? Because, of course....

...then you can determine which web pages, at which web sites, are bringing you customers who buy books...

See Nutcracker Web Services for more information about our interactive web site development services.

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