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At one time, if you took Chemistry 106 (Strategies in Science: a World of Chemistry) at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, you would have found that an article published at eoMeo's web site, entitled  "The Earthly Origin of Industrially-Produced Nitrogen used for Plant Nutrition", by Theodore Zuckerman,  was on your recommended reading list.

This was for a few years, ending in the spring semester of 2001, when the course was taught by chemistry professor Dr. Pierre Laszlo. 

Here is the main page for Chemistry 106: Strategies in Science -- a World of Chemistry. You can also go to the "Course Info" page where the course is described, like this:

Strategies in science -- a world of chemistry; a general appreciation of chemistry in the everyday world which will highlight for non-scientists the way the scientific method works. The course will focus not only on what modern chemistry has accomplished, but more generally on the way scientists think and how they function.

In addition to being a chemistry professor, Dr. Laszlo writes books on science, for the general public, and is a consultant in the area of "honing communication skills." There are links to biographical information about Dr. Laszlo, from this page at the Chemistry 106 web site.