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Supporting the Earthly Origin of Commerical Materials Educational Organization

Donations to the Earthly Origin of Commercial Materials Educational Organization will be used to buy office equipment, pay for the web site, and hire an attorney to get us not-for-profit status, hire people in various fields, such as engineering, mining, and agriculture, with first hand knowledge of materials, and with writing ability, to write articles on how various commercial materials we use, get from the earth, into our hands, and, not incidentally, uncover, but by bit, how much animal husbandry, or hunting or trapping of animals, is involved.

Web logs, and web site analysis sites such as alexa.com, have indicated that shakahara.com has a large number of hits. Check it out yourself. Many visitors stayed to look around, look around quite a bit. Clearly, the site is being used.

The web site has been up since around 1999. Originally my goal was to keep the site user-supported, and free of advertising. Eventually, around 2008, short on cash, I relented, and sought advertising revenues. As of 2013, the revenues from advertising have been small, but have been about enough to pay for web hosting. It has not been enough to pay for office equipment, legal help to get us incorporated, or articles on materials by experts in their field.

Ready availabilty of information about the Earthly Origin of Commercial Materials, and ready availability of information about whether any material is animal, vegetable, or mineral, helps us to get closer to a world where the ugly business of cultivating animals, slaughtering them, and embedding their body parts into so many of the things that we have in our lives, recedes into the past.

Beside maintaining our educational web site, eoMeo has in the past maintained a vegan garden, that demonstrated how an abundance of wonderfully delicious plant-foods can be grown without the use of animal tissues, or animal excrement, to amend the soil, and without the use of animal "laborers." To have another vegan garden, we would need a donation of land or of money to buy land.

A number of people have helped us to to get the word out, and get a glimpse of our lives out. We are extremely grateful for your help.

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Send snail-mail here:

eoMeo (Earthly Origin of Commerical Materials Educational Organization)
15 Woodsedge Drive Unit E
Asheville, NC 28803

Until we get incorporated as a not-for-profit you may make checks payable to...

Theodore Zuckerman

telephone: 828 348 8088
Single phone number reaches me at landline or mobile phone.

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