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Information for consumers of medical services provided by consumers of medical services

HysterSisters "a woman to woman support website for hysterectomy recovery"

Center for Medical Consumers New York State, information about number of hernia operations performed each year.

Some hernia surgery specialty centers on the web

The Hernia Center Dr. Ira Rutkow's Plug and Patch place

Shouldice Hernia Centre The world's first hernia specialty center

Hernia Institute of Florida Prolene Hernia System

North Penn Hernia Institute Prolene Hernia System

National Ambulatory Hernia Institute Dr. Moran's "modified Shouldice" repair with pre-peritoneal mesh

Dr. Desarda's Hernia Institute Desarda repair

Desarda Hernia Center of United States Dr. Robert Tomas, general surgery, Desarda repairs

The Center for Hernia Repair Sarasota, Florida, United States. Repair alternatives

Is your surgeon a member of the American Hernia Society?

American Hernia Society  To find out, go to the site map, then look for "member search."

Web articles relevant to hernia surgery

Anesthesia   What kind is best?

There are Other Hernia Surgery Message Boards besides the OurHernias Message Board

Hernia Surgery Experiences Contribute your experience there, then put it here too.

A hernia surgery discussion board At this "yellow" hernia surgery message board, your message is purged after a fairly small number of days or weeks. In contrast, at the OurHernias Message Board, all messages are archived indefinitly.

North Penn Hernia Institute Discussion Forum This seems to be the only hernia message board on the internet where a real hernia surgeon reads the messages and responds to them.