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Net Trekker reviews eoMeo article

eoMeo's article on nitrogen plant food, "The Earthly Origin of Industrially-Produced Nitrogen Used for Plant Nutrition," is reviewed by high school teacher, Neil Rapp, on Net Trekker. Go to this search result, to see our article listed, or go to nettrekker.com and search for "nitrogen plant nutrition" or some similar thing.

The review itself is here.

The Net Trekker web site appears to be a search utility that searches a listing of screened sites -- screened by high school teachers for the usefulness to high school students when they need to research subjects to write research reports.

Our article on Nitrogen got 4 stars (out of 5 max) for subject depth, and 5 stars for "authority and credibility."

I'm not an organic chemist, I'm merely a science journalist, so I interpret the "authority and credibility" review as confirmation, from a science teacher, that I reported accurately -- on what was said in articles written by scientists.