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Re-Rice: Cooked rice that has been frozen in servings size containers, then thawed and reheated in a microwave oven

Cook normally.

Alright, if you don't know how to cook rice normally: unless you are using "enriched" rice, or rice that has been accurately described as being cleaned, first rinse the rice 3 times. After rinsing, place in a pot and add water. Generally, water/rice = 2/1. Add 1 drop of oil (from an eyedropper, or equivalent amount). The drop of oil reduces foam — Means that foam won't pour out past the cover and over the side of the pot. Bring water to a rapid boil, stirring a bit to break up clumps. Stop stirring as soon as the water boils rapidly and immediately turn down the heat, until water is just barely simmering. That's if you have gas. If you have electric, start with slightly less water, about 7/8 of the total, and use the remaining water to help keep turn down the temperature of the water in the pot. Just pour it in, until the water is barely simmering. If water is down to a simmer before you have added the whole amount of water that is neeed, slowly add the remaining water, so as not to stop the water from simmering. Do not stir. Except for the few minutes during which the water goes from cold to boiling, you will want to avoid stirring the rice. Do not stir during cooking, do not stir after cooking. Do not "fluff" either. You can fluff the rice, if you want to, just once, immediately before it is served. Cook for the recommended time according to the kind of rice. Generally white rice is about 20 minutes, brown about 45.

If you have an electric stove, remove pot from stove when rice is finished cooking. If you have gas you can leave it there. After about 20 minutes of cooling, during which the rice continues to absorb water and soften up, you can easily remove the rice from the pot without any rice at the bottom sticking. But I think it is better to wait a couple hours more, until you can handle it without burning yourself. Then transfer to portion sized containers. Pack down gently with fork to remove air spaces. It is not necessary to "fluff" the rice.


Later date: remove a container from freezer.

Use a ceramic bowl with a cover that has steam-hole in it. The cover should reach to the edge of the dish, but not past the edge. If it reaches past the edge, moisture will follow the cover and drip outside the bowl.

You can buy such a bowl and cover, or drill holes youself in a small ceramic soup toureen, or in a microwavable plastic cover.You'll need a special drill for ceramics, a wood backing plate, and a drill press to control feed otherwise you'll crack the cover.

Alternative you can use a microwave safe plastic cover, oir both a plastic bowl and plastic cover. A plastic cover is very easy to drill holes in, with an ordinary electric hand-held drill. Again, use a wood backing plate when drilling into the cover.

Place the portion, or portions, or rice in the bowl, and sprinke a few tablespoons of water on the rice. Place the cover on.

Heat in microwave until steaming hot. Takes 2 minutes or more for a single portion.

Tastes just as good if not better than when cooked the first time. Really, there is something about reheating frozen rice in microwave oven that actually improves the aroma, taste, and texture of the rice.