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Here's the recipe briefly, for: Make it Snappy: Rice and Steamed Vegetables. Steamed vegetables with soft fragrant rice. I have a video showing it, here.

  1. Jasmine rice
  2. About 60 ml of cooked red lentils
  3. Handful of blanched almonds
  4. 1 medium-large sweet red pepper
  5. 3 medium sized stalks of celery
  6. Cup full of snap peas or snap beans
  7. 30 ml each of extra virgin olive oil and unrefined sesame oil
  8. 3 or 4 ml of sesame tahini. That's right, not 30 ml, 3.
  9. 50 ml garlic powder.
  10. Just a tiny bit of cayenne pepper powder or any kind of hot pepper powder. Not enough to cause any noticable heat, or enough to cause just barely noticable heat. I prefer to use a pepper with weaker degree of heat, a lower scoville rating, so that I can toss in more of it without causing the food to get too much pepper heat. That way I can get a larger amount of pepper flavor without causing the food to gain too much pepper heat. Currently on my spice shelf is Szeged Hungarian Style hot paprika. You could also add some sweet paprika to the dish.
  11. Cilantro.
  12. Salt

Cook rice according to my rice recipes. Cook the lentils according to lentil recipe. Upload of both recipes planned for near future.

Wash all the vegetables. Dice the peppers, bias cut the celery, cut the ends off of the snap peas or beans and if necessary pull out the string or strings. Coarsly chop the cilantro.

Steam all the vegetables al dente, except do not steam the cilantro. You'll need to know how long it takes to steam each one, and add them to pot that many minutes before total cooking time is over. If you are working with batches of vegetables that are unfamiliar, you may want to steam each one separately. Add the almonds first. Use about an inch of water in the bottom of the pot. You will not be throwing out the water. It will be absorbed by the rice and thickend by it, and the tahini. Then the red pepper is added, then the celery. Inside stalks will take less time to steam than outside stalks. The snap peas take only about 2 minutes.

Add garlic and cayenne pepper flour about a minute before time is up.

Cool by running cold water on the outside of the pot, until you can poke your finger into the vegetables without it feeling painfully hot - so that when you put the cilantro into the vegetables, the cilantro won't cook.

Add the red lentils. Add the cilantro. Add the oils. Add a tiny bit of tahini, less than a teaspoon full. Stir

Add the warm (not hot) rice.