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Where does all that stuff that we use every day come from?  Ever wonder?
For example, ever wonder what goes into so-called latex paints, and where the ingredients come from? Alkyd resin paints? What is each kind of lacquer, enamal, or shellac? What is aliphatic resin glue (Elmers Carpenters glue and Franklyn Titebond)? What kind of glue holds new wood furniture together? Where does commercial garden "fertilizer" comes from? What is "mineral spirits?" What about the myriad of "plastics" and "synthetic rubbers:" what is silicone, huh? What about urethane, and that ubiquitous "urethane foam" stuff, and urethane "varnish?" For that matter, what is old time varnish? What on earth is styrene, styrofoam? What is nylon? What is polypropylene rope made out of? What are the polyester fibers in cotton-poyester cloth? What are acrylics, epoxies? How does polyethelyne come into being? What kind of glue, and how much, holds plywood together? What about this vinyl upholstery we have? What kind of fabric is this or that upholstery anyway? Where on earth does the "plastic laminate," a trade name is "Formica," used on countertops, and other surfaces of furnishings, come from? What is today's "smokeless gun powder" made out of? What is TNT and gun cotton and dynamite made out of? Old fashioned black gun powder? Where does natural gas come from? Liquified petroleum gas, propane? Acetylene? How is oxygen obtained for gas-welding, for medical oxygen therapy? Where do laundry detergents and dishwashing detergent come from? What about old-fashioned soap? Modern candles? Kerosene? Carnuba furniture wax? Other waxes? Not to mention the gelatin of Jello, drug capsules, and thousands of food items. I've barely started the list.

Ever wonder about the clever creativeness, ferocious struggle, and tireless industry, and the lives in general, of the numerous  human beings, who invent, manufacture, and trade such materials?

Our web site is for people who wonder about such things.

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